Is it really all made up?

All of our improv shows are 100% made up on-the-fly from your suggestions! Nothing is written ahead of time, and while we do practice technique, we never rehearse or pre-plan improv shows.

Is it kid-appropriate?

Generally our Saturday shows are appropriate for all ages. We don’t aim the content specifically at kids or teens — it’s targeted at adults — but younger audience members should enjoy it too. Content generally falls between what you’d expect to see in a PG to light PG-13 movie.

Fridays are our experimental and adventurous shows, and are more likely to be appropriate for older teens and adults. If a show has full-on adults-only content, we’ll note that in the show description, but generally Friday can fall between PG-13 and one of those movies you walk out of and go “how did that get a PG-13 rating?”

Am I going to get picked on or called up on stage?

Nope! We ask the audience for suggestions to inspire our scenes, but if you want to sit back quietly and anonymously you are welcome to! In some shows , especially our Saturday night shows, we ask for volunteers to jump up on stage and join us in the fun!

Exactly what is Once Told Tales?

OTT is a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to bringing original performance art to the Seattle east side area. We work in tandem with other organizations such as SecondStory Repertory (also a 501c3 non-profit) to create opportunities for both audiences and performers to experience and present unique artistic efforts.

Our Mission: Once Told Tales invites all people to share in the joy of playful ensemble theater as we delight our audiences with improvised live entertainment.