Anna Dufault-Miller

Anna is Co-Creative Director of Once Told Tales, half of the creative team behind Eponymous Theater Project, and has performed improv, stand-up, sketch, theater, and music on stages throughout the US and Canada. She is a woman of many talents whose recent adventures include interior design assistance and motherhood. Anna loves experiencing the unexpected with others and laughing along the way.

Barbara Hochteil

Barbara is Co-Operations Manager of Once Told Tales. She is the first friendly face you’ll see at an OTT SecondStory Repertory show because she welcomes all performers and guests as the Front of House Manager.

Christine Kleinholz

Christine is a member of multiple improv troupes that perform across the Eastside and Seattle. While she fancies just about any character, her favorite roles are the Diabolical Villain and the Ditzy Southern Bell. She loves using accents in scenes, but is well-known for being able to merge multiple accents into only one sentence (not on purpose, of course). Christine aspires to some day be famous, turn rich, gorge on Nutella, and die in the arms of Will Smith. 

Jeremy Robkin

A founding member and Co-Creative Director of Once Told Tales, Jeremy has been doing improv off and on since the late 1980s. After spending 4 years with Cascade Community Theater, he returned to improv in 2012, when he joined Eastside-based Split Second Improv. In 2013, while taking classes at Unexpected Productions, he and his fellow students took the stage at Sliders Café open mic night, performing as East Side Story, and the journey of Once Told Tales began.

Katrina Charles

Katrina Charles is an improviser and musician in Seattle(ish), Washington. When she’s not improvising or musicianing, she enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, and sitting at home thinking how she should probably go outside and do those things at some point. She is excited to be part of Once Told Tales and can’t wait to see what we come up with! 

Kevin Guzowski

Kevin started his improvisational adventures at Second City in Chicago in 1986, then migrated to Los Angeles’ Second City Theater in 2004. Kevin was the Director of Once Told Tales, the other half of the creative team behind Eponymous Theater Project and a screenwriter whose credits include Karaoke Man (Amazon Prime) and the Hulu limited series “twentysixmiles”. In 2020, Kevin passed over to whatever tale is beyond this lifetime. He will forever remain in our hearts as we continue telling tales on this side.

Kirk Kleinholz

Kirk is one of our talented technical improvisers who helps bring OTT shows to life.

Patrick Skelly

Patrick’s started his improv journey in LA and is glad to have found an improv home in Seattle. He’s been with OTT since January 2017 and is excited for the third season at SecondStory Repertory.

Steven Hochteil

Steven is the Co-Operations Manager of Once Told Tales, has been a member of OTT since 2013, and feels like OTT is his second family. You may also have seen him playing with Split Second Improv, or in live stage performances such as “Beauty and the Beast”‘ at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and various shows at SecondStory Repertory. He believes that OTT is not a group you should miss, and he can’t wait to perform for you.

Yoni Skolnik

Yoni has been improvising since his days as a boy who followed his older brother to a Phoenix theater summer camp. He spends his days designing games, while dreaming about Excel spreadsheets. Yoni has performed in Jet City Improv shows and lives in Tukwila with two stuffed platypuses.